Clearly the world has changed so much, that we should all take a moment, breathe and ponder about how we should go about it. I feel the only answer is kindness – It can be the only way, it is the only way.

We must treat ourselves and others with Kindness, with love, from the heart. It is the only path to turning our world a better place.

RememberToBeKind started one day, without even realizing it. I saw the message with my son, on a t-shirt that all of a sudden I was compelled to get, it was then that it all made sense; the years of meditation, the Animal Rights web, the observation, the empathy, the patience, the messages on linkedin from contacts, it is all coming together in celebration.

On this web, I would like to spread the message and make a contribution, to share kindness, love and care to all around us.

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